Personal Projects

Here are my personal projects that are available online.



A .NET class library written in C#. It can be used to parse the Bitcoin blockchain. The sources are available on GitHub here. Also available as a NuGet library here.



A high performance data transfer tool that can be used to copy data from Bitcoin blockchain files to a SQL Server database. Both the sources and binary releases are available on GitHub here.



CodeCrowd is a SCRUM Project Management tool. Written in Silverlight and ASP.NET. Available on



FractalLens is a Silverlight application that can be used to explore the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. I started to work on it in 2009 as a way to learn Silverlight but since fractals are so cool, after a few weeks, it took a life of its own. It never ceased to amaze me how simple mathematical functions can have a graphical representation like the ones you see here.

F1b_160 F2b_160 F3b_160
F4b_160 F5b_160 F6b_160
F7b_160 F8b_160 F9b_160

mini RSS


Written together with Razvan Popov, this is a professional RSS Reader for Windows Phone 7. You can see it on the Windows Phone Store here.

Ultra Chess Clock


The ultimate Windows Phone chess clock. It has a number of professional features including many timing methods and delay types: Simple (Sudden Death), Standard Overtime, Canadian Overtime, Canadian Progressive Overtime, Japanese Byo-yomi, Hourglass, Simple Delay, Bronstein Delay, Fischer Delay, Fischer After Delay.

You can see it on the Windows Phone Store here.



T.S.T. is a tool that simplifies writing and running automated tests for code written in T-SQL. It provides an API that is similar with those found in Unit Testing libraries familiar to programmers in C# or Java. This API is isolated in a dedicated database that is installed when the tool is setup. The installation takes just a few seconds and the learning curve for someone already familiar with SQL programming is minimal.


The T.S.T. tool is an open source project. Sources, downloads and documentation are available on the Codeplex web site here.

Conway’s Game of Life


My excuse to brush-up my JQuery and ASP.NET MVC. This is a web application that allows you to play Conway’s Game of Life and to edit Game of Life maps. The Game of Life is a cellular automaton created in 1970 by the British mathematician John Horton Conway. Play Conway’s Game of Life here.